Chord Board Original

Chord Board® was created by Martin H. Samuel while in Bright Eye Band, Kailua, Hawaii.  Printed by Datalizer, Chicago IL, it was registered and published in 1979.


An original Chord Board® is on display in the Slide Rule Museum, Colorado, U.S.A.



June 2018, an original Chord Board® was donated to The British Library, 96 Euston Road, London NW1 2DB, U.K. and, courtesy of Dr. Rupert Ridgewell, is on display on the Library’s shelves, so that it can be made available to readers in the Rare Books and Music Reading Room.

July 2018, an original Chord Board® was donated to The British Science Museum, Exhibition Rd, Kensington, London SW7 2DD, U.K. and,  courtesy of Dr. Elizabeth Bruton, may soon be on display in the Mathematics section as Object No. 2018-588.

February 14th 2019, an original Chord Board® was donated to the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, sponsored by lead patron Sir Paul McCartney, and was kindly accepted for display by Mark Featherstone-Witty OBE.

The Chord Board® iPhone / iPod Touch app., no longer available, was developed for iOS and published by Pierre Bernard, Houdah Software, in October 2010.

The Chord Board® app. worked on the iPad in a window the size of an iPhone with the rest of the iPad screen remaining black.

The Chord Board® app. may also have beeen used as an electronic tuner for musical instruments - e.g. guitar.

Das original Chord Board® wurde von Martin H. Samuel entworfen wenn im Bright Eye Band, Kailua, Hawaii.  Gedruckt von Datalizer, Chicago IL, wurde sie im 1979 registriert und veröffentlicht.

Eine originelle Chord Board® ist auf dem Display im das Slide Rule Museum, Colorado, U.S.A.

chord-board-de-splash.jpgDie Chord-Board-iPhone/iPod Touch App. wurde von Pierre Bernard, Houdah Software, entwickelt und im Oktober 2010 veröffentlicht.

Die Chord Board® App. kann als elektronisches Stimmgerät für Musikinstrumente verwendet werden - z.B. Gitarre.


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